Saturday, 21 January 2012

Welcome Home is finished...

I am so pleased with how this turned out :)

The pattern called for the pillow cover to just be patched but I made a bit more work for myself by adding some wadding and a liner and quilting in the ditch. I figured that it was worth taking extra time over this since I had put all those hours in on the stitchery. I used a piece of wool felt underneath the stitched panel, then attached it to the pillow with blanket stitch. I bought a lovely plump, feather-filled cushion to go inside it and with the quilted cover it feels wonderfully squishy!

and here's the back.... odd buttons and all :)

This has been so lovely to work on, I've enjoyed every minute of it!


Fluffington said...

Tillymint, this is absolutely wonderful! It's beautiful. You should be very proud of how it's turned out. I can only aspire to be this good at the moment!!

shez said...

whow love this,well done.xx