Thursday, 19 January 2012

Resolved to sew - 2012

I don't normally make resolutions, probably because the ones I make are too ambitious and I don't have much chance of keeping to them! But this post on the Very Berry Handmade blog made me think. Maybe stitching resolutions would be more achievable? There are some gorgeous give-away prizes too, so do head over there and check it out. You don't have to be a blogger to enter and it's open to everyone, everywhere.

OK, here is my Resolved to Sew 2012 list....

I have so many projects I want to stitch in 2012 and am so tempted to start them all now. I know that if I do that I'll end up in a dreadful muddle, with mountain of half-finished projects and not much hope of finishing anything! So I will try my best to work on one long-term project at a time with a smaller project in between. That doesn't sound so bad!

I made a big effort just before Christmas to tidy and sort all my fabrics. I used to have them stacked  on shelves and when I pulled some fabric out it just got added to the top of the stack again. What a jumble! I used to waste so much time looking for 'that little scrap of purple with the lilac dots' or whatever, that by the time I'd found it, I'd forgotten what I wanted it for! Now I have moved all my fabrics into a large bookcase right at the side of my desk, they are all sorted by colour and stored in clear plastic boxes. It is so much easier to find what I need... but I do need to make a big effort to keep it tidy and put fabric back in the correct box!

I'm really enjoying trying new techniques, and that's something I want to continue in 2012.

I really would like to start earlier this year on Christmas projects.  I managed to make a couple of stitched gifts in time for last Christmas, but I never got around to making anything for me!

Last one is to make a real effort to keep this blog updated regularly!

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