Thursday, 12 January 2012

and some sewing....

In 2010 my first great grandchild was born... imagine how OLD that made me feel!!!

We knew it was to be a boy and decided to get a Moses basket for him. Well.. we soon found that if we wanted something really nice, it would be really expensive. So instead we bought an inexpensive Moses basket and I made new covers for it. The original ones were a nasty, scratchy cotton and that wouldn't do at all for a precious new baby! I stripped off the basket hood, linings and coverlet and unpicked them to use as patterns for the new fabric. I'd chosen a lovely soft, cream cotton with satin spots, accented with beige and coffee trims.

Here it is finished... the 'baby' all snuggled up inside is a small hot water bottle with a little lamb cover :)

I also made embroidered cotton sheets and fleece blankets to match and knitted several blankets to keep him cosy.

and here's the baby sheep all tucked up inside!

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