Friday, 20 January 2012

Keep it tidy tilly!!!

One of my sewing resolutions this year is to keep my sewing stuff tidy and organised. Previously, I had teetering piles of fabric on open shelves that never looked tidy... and I could never find what I wanted. Then I'd spend ages picking up, refolding and restacking the piles of fabric! Annoying and so time-wasting when all I needed was a tiny scrap of yellow for an appliqué flower centre..

I already had several plastic storage boxes from my card making days, so I utilised those for patterns, buttons, threads, etc., then I  bought several larger see-through plastic boxes from Ikea for my fabrics. It took me an absolute age to sort everything out but it was so worth it! I also cleared off the bookcase at the side of my desk and moved all my sewing stash on to it. All my fabrics are sorted by colour, with the exception of my collection of Nancy Halvorsen fabrics - they have a box of their own :)

It's absolute bliss to be able to just reach up, grab a box and know that what I need is in there.
The only thing is... I have to keep it tidy and put things away as I finish with them!!!

While I've got the camera in my hand,  I've taken a photo of what's on my desk today... my sewing machine! It's a Brother Inovis 350SE, I bought the extension table and also several extra feet for patchwork and quilting. I've had this machine for just over a year and I absolutely love it!

I must finish that pillow......

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